Grasshopper plugins

Here is the list of plugins for Grasshopper 3d developed by Parametric Zoo

KUKA|prc tool path optimizer

This plug-in helps the KUKA|prc users inside Grasshopper to avoid collisions , singularities and keep the robot within the reachable area while generating toolpath. This is done by rotating the end effector along its rotary axis.  

Group Nesting

Is a grasshopper component which works as an extension of Open Nest tool and enables users to define adjacency between the items in a nest, meaning user of plugin is able to keep things which are labeled uniquely, close to each other in the nesting. This helps to keeps elements more organized and reduce the time which is normally wasted in sorting and finding elements later on in the production pipe line.

Bridge Curves

Connects the curve element together using small bridge between them. This helps when the elements are cut using a laser cutter or a CNC and you need to keep them connected while taking them off from the machine. The elements remain connected till you break those tiny connections.