Revit-CSI Link

CSI Link is an external application for Autodesk® Revit® that enables users to transfer the analytical models from Revit to CSI SAFE and CSI ETABS for structural analysis. The goal is to eliminate the need for any extra modeling work in the target software meaning once the export file is generated, the structural model from the CSI application will be opened and ready to run the analysis.

A Two in One product!

Export the Revit analytical model to both Safe and Etabs using the same platform.

Export ETABS

You can choose to export entire model or selected elements or visible elements.

Export SAFE

You can choose to export selected level, selected elements or visible elements.

Export physical model

CSI Link enables users to export the Revit model with all geomterical , structural and physical settings . This model contains the material settings, cross sectional properties , constrains , links , load cases and load combinations ,

Modify structural settings

Adjust structural parameters for all structural elements in Revit and get a ready to go model in CSI-Etabs and CSI-Safe application.

Create area loads

Generate all area loads with few clicks of mouse and export the load patterns along with load cases and load combinations.

Columns with custom design cross section in Etabs

Columns with custom design cross sections in Revit

Ability to export custom designed cross sections

On top all standard section which Revit offers, By choosing “Custom” in section mapping table export any column/beam with any shaped to CSI Etabs!


Learn how to export your Revit model to CSI Etabs step by step using CSI Link plugin in 40 minutes.

Download Now

Both CSI Link and CSI Link plus add-ins can be downloaded from Autodesk App Store. Click on below button to get directed to the add-in page in Autodesk App Store.

Latest News

CSI Link v 0.4 is out !

CSI Link v 0.4 is out !

I am happy to announce that new CSI Link (v 0.4) is out!. In this version I focused on user's reported bugs. Major improvement is  in wall meshing which generate a continues wall meshing through the stacked walls and openings. Below is an example of new wall...

CSI Link v 0.3 released

CSI Link v.03 is released. In this version: Various bugs reported from the previous release were fixed. Performance has been improved taking advantage of identifying the typical floor from settings dialog. Exports bracing. Slabs with free form edges are being exported...

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