CSI Link v.03 is released.

In this version:
  • Various bugs reported from the previous release were fixed.
  • Performance has been improved taking advantage of identifying the typical floor from settings dialog.
  • Exports bracing.
  • Slabs with free form edges are being exported as polygons approximating the original curve.
  • Wall openings are now exported by subdividing the shell element (ETABS only)
  • Pier and Spandrel labels are exported to ETABS
  • Beam/Bracing and Column end-releases are exported to ETABS and SAFE
  • Export Revit boundary conditions
  • Export springs
  • If boundary conditions are not available in the Revit model, CSI Link can generate fixed boundary conditions automatically.
  • Ability to adjust the column location to align with closest slab edges.

Note: Model with more than 100 analytical nodes requires a commercial license