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Finger joint custom width and spacing

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Hi, I am loving exploring what Biber can do.  Amazing work. 
I am wanting some finer control over the placement and size of the finger joint type.  Basically i’m wanting to be able to specify exactly say one male tab into a female slot mid point in a non-manifold panel.   I can do this with count=3 and selecting the config that suits.. but the jt does not appear to allow me to specify my own custom ie (a smaller tab width) . Count apparently auto divides the joint length into the count number. , makes sense , but what if I want smaller tabs and longer spaces..  It would be great to have the same or similar control that the dovetail joint seems to have .. ie control over the count the spacing and the width.  I tried hacking the dovetail joint with zero angle, but of course it won’t allow use on non manifold edges. 

is the above possible with the current toolset?   
thanks ! 

Topic starter Posted : 13/04/2023 10:05 am
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He Benra,

as for manifold joints you can use custom profile joint, it allows you to exactly define spacing and tabs. when it comes to non-manifold joints , things are a bit tricky and not easy as it looks. I will keep that in mind for the next release! thanks for sharing!  

Posted : 18/04/2023 6:18 pm