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Requirement to kukaPRC tool path optimizer

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Hi, My friend,
I hope this email finds you well.
Glad to write to you to require a beta test for the new version Tool Path optimizer. I met some problems in recent research and design of kuka robot tool path programming. And according to the video you showed on Youtube, it will be a good solution for me. So I hope you can give me the right to test it.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
Ziqiu Huang

Topic starter Posted : 30/07/2023 9:25 am
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Thank you for your inquiry, we shall update the KUKA|prc tool path optimizer in the next few days and you will be able to try it for 30 days!

stay tune! 


Posted : 30/07/2023 8:24 pm
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@para Hello, I have tried to contact you through various methods, but it seems that your server is unable to receive emails, phone numbers_+ 49 157 33186501 cannot be connected either
Can the student version be used offline? Our company requires two sets, the official version of $150 for commercial projects, and the other set for interns to practice, as our company often has students coming for internships
We need to stay offline because we have been ransomted by btc before, and since then, we have been afraid of connecting our computers to the internet

Posted : 15/08/2023 7:04 am