CSI Link v0.3

March 15, 2019

CSI Link & CSI Link Plus V0.3 is now available for download.
Enjoy free 30 days trial and reduced price for CSI Link plus V.03.

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CSI Link

August 8, 2018

CSI Link

CSI Link V2.0.0 (free version) is now available for download.

n this version, various bugs are fixed, Revit 2019 compatibility is obtained and split beam function is added. Important note: Only analytical models which generated less than 200 points can be exported using CSI Link. To export larger models please use CSI Link Plus

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August 7, 2018


CSI Link Plus has lifted up the limitations from CSI Link free version, Obtain commercial license and export Revit models in any size.

In this version:

  • Various bugs reported from the previous release were fixed.
  • Users can adjust default material settings prior to export the model.
  • Design strips automatically generated.
  • Analytical links can be exported to ETABS.
  • Users can now export custom design cross sections to ETBAS.
  • Beams can be divided at the intersection of the columns.
  • A report button has been added to the main UI to display the latest log.

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